About FlipFloss

If you’re looking to save space on the essentials, look no further than FlipFloss! Specifically designed by Chris Kelchlin and Buffalo Niagara Innovations, Inc. The first new product from the company is sure to get your attention! FlipFloss conveniently combines two hygiene products together into one easy to store tube design.

Not only does FlipFloss provide you with the benefit of dental floss conveniently located right in the cap, it also comes with three choices for your favorite flavor of lip balm. The FlipFloss cap contains 4 yards of floss to help ensure that it’s there when you need it!

If you didn’t know, flossing is one of the easiest ways to improve one’s breath. This is just one reason why having your FlipFloss with you at all times is such a great idea. Small enough to easily slip into your pocket, you can be confident that you are prepared for meetings, interviews, a date, or any other important event!

FlipFloss is here to help you remember to floss more frequently by being convenient enough to carry with you at all times. Every time you use the lip balm serves as a gentle reminder to floss. FlipFloss helps build healthy habits that can lead to whiter teeth and healthier gums. This product is also a ‘must have’ for anyone traveling, especially if you travel light!

Store FlipFloss in your pocket, purse, or bag with no worries – it doesn’t take up much room at all! Choose between three flavors: cherry, original, or vanilla. Made with all natural ingredients, you’ll make this your ‘go to’ lip balm. The floss that comes with FlipFloss is waxed, unflavored, and works with all three different flavors of lip balm.

FlipFloss is the perfect item to have in your dental office, at trade shows, or as a promotional item. You could easily pair this product with a new toothbrush or other cosmetic. FlipFloss’ affordable pricing also makes it a great holiday or casual gift for a family member.

FlipFloss is easy to use and can be enjoyed by all ages. Kids will love the two sided feature, making them more likely to use it! Adults will appreciate the economical design and space saving size. With a little over 4 grams of lip balm, you’ll have plenty of lip balm to use!

If you run out of floss before you run out of lip balm do not fear, you can buy replacement caps! Easily change out your floss with a replacement cap so you always have floss readily available!